The Catalyst League of Extrodinary Evil – DCUO

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Catalyst has formed a small (20 players at present) League on DC Universe Online as VILLAINS.  Sorry guys but spandex just isn’t for me.   In search of something fun to play to pass the time, we started playing DCUO a few weeks ago and man is it addictive.  DCUO is free to play.  They do offer perks for a basic subscription, but they are not completely necessary.  I will mention that for a legendary subscription you get access to all the expansions for FREE!  That is a great deal.

It’s a great game to hop on and spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours screwing around and hero-hunting.  We are playing on the US PvP server (PC only) as VILLAINS.  We formed the guild with hopes of finding the 8 members we would need to do the endgame raids and just to have some fun.  We plan on keeping everything decently casual and will be scheduling raids once a week or so.  This will be purely based on demand.   This isn’t a game we will have a set and required raid schedule on, it’s for fun.


DCUO is extremely easy to pick up and hard to put down.  Max level is 30 and you can reach that in a matter of a few days if you put your mind to it.  I have been playing less than a week and will hit 30 tonight, and you guys know how slow I level.  You take on a standard role when you hit level 10.  Tanks, Healer, or Troller(CC) are the main choices.  Most everyone can dish out some DPS and it is very easy to change your or spec.


Overall it is something fun to play until something better comes out.  I am going to be looking into playing EQ Next heavily once it is released, and I know I will have the at least stick my head into Elder Scrolls Online and ArcheAge as well.