Catalyst Ventrilo Information has Changed!

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Yesterday I received word that the company who hosts our Ventrilo server was bought out by DarkStar LLC.

They are requiring that we switch to a server to continue service.  I HATE having to change vent servers as I know this will cause us to lose contact with certain long time members, but I am hopeful everyone will find their way to the new page and see this post.

The old server will be active for 6 more days and I have posted notices in the MOTD on that server.  Please make the switch to the new server as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact Pole.

The new server information is:

Port: 3927
Password: moonshine


If you had an officer account, we may need to recreate it on the new server.  Please contact me on vent or by e-mail.  Also if anyone notices that the server fills at some point and will not allow additional members to sign-in, please notify me ASAP and I will correct it.